4-year-old programs.

In 2019 Tecoma Preschool will run 4-year-old groups on a rotational basis (three five-hour sessions per group). We will contact you with your child’s session times and group.

Session times are:

Monday: 8.15am–1.15pm
Tuesday: 9.15am –2.15pm
Wednesday: 12.00pm–5.00pm
Thursday: 9.15am–2.15pm
Friday: 9.15am­–2.15pm

3-year-old programs.

In 2019, Tecoma Preschool will offer two 3-year-old sessions of 2.5 hours each. Parents are able to enrol their child in either one or two sessions per week.

Session times are:

Monday: 2.00pm–4.30pm
Wednesday: 8.45am–11.15am

3 and 4 year old positions now available for 2020 ENROL NOW!!