Our philosophy has been inspired by the outcomes and practice principles of the Victorian Early Years Learning Development Framework (VEYLDF).

It also has a strong focus on the needs of our local community, and the values and beliefs of all Tecoma Preschool staff. 

We take pride in providing a warm and welcoming environment that gives children the confidence to explore and grow. With children’s interests at the forefront of all programming, educators provide a supportive mix of guided play, adult-led learning and child-directed play and learning. Our beautiful elm tree in the back garden typifies the occurrences seen at our kindergarten – continual change, growth, excitement and development.

Each child should …

  • be seen as an independent learner keen to explore and investigate
  • be immersed in the importance of patience, sharing, care and trust
  • be supported to develop an understanding and respect for cultural diversity
  • be encouraged to follow and extend their interests with excitement and in their own time
  • feel valued to share ideas, thoughts, feelings and predictions in their daily routines
  • feel empowered to extend their learning and be involved in decision making
  • explore and respect individuality
  • be given the opportunity to develop respectful relationships with peers, educators and visitors to the preschool
  • be encouraged to demonstrate respect for rules, routines and expectations of the preschool.

Our educators will aim to …

  • work collaboratively to develop a program focusing on the whole child, emphasising the importance of each child’s strengths and emerging interests
  • use communication to share ideas, thoughts and feelings regularly
  • encourage open, meaningful and respectful communication
  • respond to both the family, each child and each other’s needs
  • understand the importance of getting down to a child’s level
  • work together to celebrate learning for all (children and staff)
  • take opportunities to develop and share their own personal knowledge and skills
  • smile, have fun, laugh and learn
  • develop programs that reach out and utilise the wider community
  • continually extend and scaffold each child’s learning, supporting their creativity and individuality
  • embrace the importance of continual learning as educators.

Our approach to the environment will aim to …

  • provide a safe learning environment where children feel encouraged to explore and create (both indoors and out)
  • offer an enriching learning environment containing a variety of meaningful experiences
  • create a warm and welcoming space for all to feel comfortable
  • emphasise the preservation and protection of the natural environment
  • incorporate the natural world into the program to create stimulating and creative experiences
  • incorporate sustainability into our everyday practices.

We will aim to work with families and other stakeholders by …

  • building relationships that are collaborative, effective and reflective
  • regarding highly the importance of family involvement in program planning and special events
  • communicating with the committee to ensure smooth running of the preschool and events organised
  • reaching out to the local community in our educational programs and fundraising events
  • constantly collaborating with local primary schools to encourage efficient transitions to school.